Why should I hire Ryerson Brothers Construction instead of just hiring the subs myself?
The answer is two-fold. First, many home or business owners do not have the time or industry expertise to hire and manage various subcontractors. Project management is a full-time job with a part-time job in problem solving. Having a licensed contractor takes that headache away from the owner. Secondly, it is a matter of responsibility and liability. A licensed builder is ultimately responsible for all issues on the job. Finger pointing between subs when something goes wrong is not an option when a responsible contractor is involved.

How big is the company?
Currently, we have two superintendents that run the actual projects, a full-time carpenter for the smaller work, and an office coordinator. I am at the forefront as the salesman/estimator and ultimate “quality control officer.” We have stable, reliable subcontractors who work with us on every job.

How much of your work is “subbed out” and how much do you personally do?
That depends on the size of the job. “Handyman projects” like small carpentry, tile, and paint are things that we will typically handle in-house with the help of our regular carpenters/helpers as needed. Larger, more involved jobs are produced by a team of subcontractors that we hire and manage. The strength of the company is project management. We know excellence and how to get it out of the subs!

Do your sons actually work with and for you?
Yes! Two of my older boys work with me- one as a superintendent and the other as carpenter. My younger son sometimes “works with Dad” by just riding in the truck and checking on jobs; it is important to be a good manager as well as a good worker!

My house is flooded!  Can I call you to clean it up and repair the damage?
No. We are not an emergency response company, though we work closely with several that we can recommend. Typically, we come in after the initial “response” and then work with your adjuster to settle the claim and then rebuild it. Please call your insurance agent or company first and see if they recommend a local “Mitigation Company” who can dry out your water loss, board up your tree damage or secure your property. If you are stuck and need a trusted referral, please call us.